Har camelThe Golden Waste is the largest desert in the world of Orbis; its parched landscape hiding lost civilizations, forgotten horrors, and the bones of those who tried to discover its secrets. Deep in the Waste is the last froniter of the civilization of men, the great city Velos.

In the center of a great oasis, Velos is a crucial trade link in the desert, connecting the Empire with the civilized desert saurians. Its irrigated fields grow cereals, dates, figs, olives, and apricots. Nearby are the great salt mines, but the basis of Velos’ prosperity is the great desert trade routes. Ivory, slaves, kola nuts, and spices all flow into the city courtesy of the bedouin nomads and the traders from the land of the Saurians. But it is gold, above all else, that secures Velos its fortune and gives the desert its name.

The Overlord of Velos rules his city with a firm hand, dispensing order and justice not just to the city, but all across the desert as far as his forces can travel. This last bastion of the realms of men is also home to the soldier monks of the Sable Brotherhood, the amazon warriors of the Temple of Menari, and the retinues of the great noble houses of the city. Yet not all is well.

A small group of fortune hunters, bound together to explore and plunder the legendary giant ruins of the Waste, have come to Velos to use it as their base of exploration. Yet they know something is horribly awry. Vast sandstorms that summon the dead. A mysterious, reeking traveler looking for ancient clay tablets not seen since thousands of years. Denizens of slithering shadow that turn alleys into slaughterhouses. Savage Crocotta seizing whole villages of men to butcher. Rumors of invading armies of Saurians. Genies whispering of elder wars with the giants when the land was still green.

The Golden Wastes is a monthly D&D 3.5 campaign set in an unique setting which uses the rules set, but with completely different monsters, perils, and ideas.

The Golden Wastes

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