The Golden Wastes

GM Notes - February Game

Akbar's Vision

When Akbar leads the group in restoring the Order of the Phoenix at the shrine, he has the following vision as everyone says their vows.

Akbar sees an old phoenix, still grand but weary with age. It knows its time has arrived, and it goes far into the mountains away from the civilization of men. At the very top of these peaks, it builds a great nest made of straw and various herbs. It now lies in the nest, taking its last look at the world it knows. Satisfied that its work in the world is at an end, it then immolates itself in a flash of great flame and light during a beautiful sunrise. When the flames die down, there in the nest, which remains untouched by flames, is a young phoenix arrayed in bright colors like its parent before it. Although many centuries of life and wisdom is now lost, the line is again purified, young and fresh, ready for a new life.
The vision then switches, and Akbar then sees an old man wearing a holy symbol of Varna (the king of the Immortals). He has gathered about him a ragged group of battle weary warriors with terrible wounds. Some will live, others will surely die. It is obvious they have been in a terrible battle. The old man has in his hands five clay tablets. Another man has a single phoenix feather, clutched like a soldier defiantly holding his regimental battle flag. They talk amongst themselves, and then all swear an oath upon the feather even those who soon die afterwards from their grievous wounds.
Akbar then opens his eyes and sees the party making their own oath in an echo of what he has just seen.

Other information of the last game session might be posted as additional Adventure Logs.



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