The Golden Wastes

GM Notes - November 2011 Game

This post is for easy access to notes left in the last game.

Here are the notes found in the Faceless One’s journal.

Other items found included two tomes, the Meditations on the Worm and the Courtiers of the Abyssal Monarchs.

There was also a strange undead thing covered in writhing black worms kept in a large glass tube. The notes of the Faceless One make it clear that these worms were experimented upon magically, and that they were originally found in the Tomb of Shaddad (see its mention in the Open Jobs page). He seems to have created a new kind of undead monstrosity.

There was also a group of treasures kept separate from the rest, a Lapis Lazuli Cylinder Seal, an orichalchum sword with a carnelian phoenix ornament stamped on the hilt which is aligned to Law, and a silver brooch that is a scarab of protection. As Samedi mentioned, these seemed out of place compared to other items.

Also, I don’t think I mentioned it at the end of the scene because I forgot, but right before he was “slain” (as much as a Simulacrum can be slain) he uttered the words, “My doom is to be your doom.”



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