The Golden Wastes

October 2013

Despite great obstacles in defeating the rhino cavalry, deadly topiary, and enslaved efreeti of the Cyclops, the party was successful in fighting their way to the Elemental Earth Seed and contacting the redeemed genies of the Isles of Paradise who performed the necessary incantation to send them back home. The elemental forces returning to their previous homes, and foreign matter expelled back where it came or into the currents of the Astral Sea.

The party awoke under the night sky of the Golden Waste, returned to the Lightning Stones from where they originally left. They had left their friend Nhadeem in paradise who perished at the hands of the Black Jinn. He will be remembered. All around them on here, the Middle World, were the decayed bodies of Kasib’s Calibani clanmates and sworn companions, cruelly slain by the returned Crocotta war host that arrived just after they had left.

Half the party was greatly afflicted with Taint, requiring much rest and ritual cleansing before they could continue their quest against the mysterious and evil Cult of Worms. They were aided in this by the return of Master Pizentious who welcomed back Samara and his friends, and they shared much lore of the black jinn and Cult of Worms. The party’s quest was lain before them – to journey to the lost city of Eresh where they have visited once before only to leave in abject terror. If the heroes were to continue their great work, the lost mysteries of Eresh must be recovered.

However, it was not yet time. Therefore, Samedi, Samara, and Kasib would seek allies while their companions recovered. Samedi returned to Velos to gather new allies against the Overlord, who recently became aware of threats to his city and his power. Kasib mastered the magical energies of the Lightning Stones in a month long effort. Samara continued his studies at the hands of his long returned Master.

Then the three set out to find the Red Sultana, who they hoped could provide the leadership that the nomads of the desert and citizens of Velos desperately needed. They rescued her from an immense Devastation Worm, a colossal thousand legged vermin who now roamed the wastes, as well as rescuing a half hundred of her companions from a large host of Wormspawn.

During their time on the demiplane, the region continued its descent into Chaos. The new steps taken by the Overlord to restore order has seen even more injustice and terror. Hopefully the party can continue its quest united and recovered from their ordeals in the so-called Isles of Paradise.



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