The Golden Wastes

Samara "POV" Adventure log notes

Notes by Samara on the Last adventuring game:
The Rats led to an investigation of the gardens denizens and a description of the three priestesses:
-Erasti (Black haired, High Priestess)
-Eana (Blond haired)
-Treatsead (red haired)
We were given some insight into their orgy rights, which use “Moon Juice” and granted visions.
I decided after clearing it with the tower to join the Order of the Phoenix, after all my friend Akbar is head of it and I am already doing that work. He inducted me without reservation; It is good to have an extended family while master Pizentious is gone. I miss him.
Once again the lessons of this world are taught to me, a brief glimpse behind the illusions I prescribe to. I deluded myself to think I had any sort of friendship with Akbar, this is a grim realization. The signs were there from the start no invitation for living quarters when we reached the city, the constant demands to kill monsters that have no direct tie to our investigations. And me a fool recently for siding with my friend Akbar to help him slay the undead beast in the wall only to be asked to swear an oath to do so what friend would make me do such a thing. I am a fool, the paladins, while meaning well, honor there duty and leave no room for friendship, in the absence of friendship they invoke tools to be used in the most polite way simulating friendship. But my eyes are opened and the embarrassment of having to be told plain that he will continue to work with me and I with him, but “there will be no trust.” I can see where this is also my fault having led Akbar to the wise decision, he would of made on his own, to give the Book to the tower to be destroyed or studied as needed. Afterword’s he scolds me telling me he always expected it back and that it should have been destroyed by the paladins. Did I misunderstand that arrangement, deluding myself to remembering it different than it occurred? I do not think so, I do not know…
My experiments to cure my students go poorly. I made a halfhearted attempt outside of the tower with the paladin, once, but don’t feel like his heart is in discovery. I will ask ROM who is not as heavily invested and may be able to help me determine what is containing the undead magic in the colored worms from infecting its hosts and what trigger will release it, also why the worms are providing additional magic ability to its users.
The worms in the city may be a sign “to the Seal of Zubab. The name “Zubab” refers to Zubab, the Lord of Maggots, a quasi-deity and one of the harbingers of the Conqueror Worm…” This is in line with our belief that the faceless one is in the city of Velos from his notes we know that the “Tomb of Shaddad which was despoiled months ago and which may be the “tomb” that the Faceless One mentioned as having found the Seal of Zubab.” It makes perfect sense. Since Dag Zahag did his alchemy and experiments in the Hippodrome, and the faceless one is also doing alchemy and experiments with the worms there may be a connection to the arena.

After a visit with Tempus and having Ackbar show some real consternation at having to decide whether to keep, hide, or give the Table of destiny over to him. Akbar decided to keep it on himself. This is a vile and loathsome Artifact that demoralizes and saps strength magically and physically. I hope Akbar reconsiders and Hides the ghastly thing somewhere safe. I will not be involved in that for I am not trusted. It galls me that this is the case and forever will.
Our investigation into the magical beasts smuggled into the city from the faceless ones notes have led to the Arena. This may have some connections with Kella Gerami the missing girl, her old lover is Syphax, Master of the Games at the Hippodrome. Previously I had discovered that the Hippodrome was used by Dag Zahag “the Great Hippodrome became soaked with gore from incessant blood sports. Grotesque experiments were done under the arena to create all manner of strange beasts and to vivisect the dying gladiators.” It is our intent to discover a way into the Arena’s under workings or perhaps below even that if such places exist. We will scout out such places soon. I have already done some preparation talking to old gladiators and persons dismissed from the arena, it is not running as it has traditionally in the past, lots of new faces and lots of people dismissed that should still be there. I wonder if Syphax is being blackmailed with the girl he loves as collateral or if it is a more direct plot or somthing completely different. I really would of liked to talk with him. We are biding our time in going in, waiting for an opening when the arena staff is busy with games in progress and so forth.
Semedi has told the Grand Vizier that we are holding something back and that it is a great evil, we have lost our writ to hunt witches and may be suspected as being evil, Myself, in-particular is under great scrutiny. I may have to flee. In the mean time I will do my best to protect the tower, my companions, the city, and myself, by discovering and eliminating the faceless one and his worm plague.
As a side note Kasib has traveled to the lightning stones and returned unsuccessful after having talked to the stones: He spent quite some time there and must of tried many things I will get an account from him as soon as possible to try and narrow down what may work in the future. His dedication on following up on my original commission is commendable I am thinking of doing something nice for him as a gesture to repay his kindness.



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