Yereni Berserker of the Wastes


Amra is one of the Yereni of the desert. They are nomadic herders who barter with the oasis dwellers for cereals and crops. Savage and bestial, the Yereni owe homage to Prince Nangeri who theoretically rules all the Yereni tribe of the Orean. Amra’s clan was one of these, but the Crocotta slaughtered most of them. They captured the fierce warrior and intended him to die among their cubs so they could devour him and gain his strength. To the Crocotta, this was a great honor for the food things they call men.

But the party saved him from certain doom in the palace of the Beast Kingdom. With healing from the cleric Rom, Amra regained his strength and assisted the power in slaying the Beast King and defeating his companions. Rather than be on his own, he has attached himself to Rom in thanks for saving his life.

Amra is tall with wild towheaded hair that covers the two twisting cutaneous horns that grow from his scalp. At the height of summer, the hair turns almost stark white, something very common for the Yereni of the region.


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