Devout merchant who supports the Paladins


Aten House is located near the marketplace. There the merchant Aten offers his hospitality to local paladins and other good servants of Law. His family once benefited from the charity of the paladins, and now that he has grown wealthy, he supports them in their good deeds.

Aten is a middle aged man with a large family, and in his youth traveled on caravans all over the Golden Wastes from the Sanhaja Raj in the north to the deep south of the Askari Freeholds and the lands of the Saurian King Sekourah.

Paladins and their associates know they are welcome in the House of Aten, and it is rare that someone is not staying as his guest.

The player characters met Aten when the Paladin Tambul told Akbar that he would be welcomed at the House of Aten once he arrived in Velos. Thankful for the hospitality, but not willing to impose on him further, Akbar has not asked Aten if the other player characters could stay.


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