Human Female Monk


Azzah is a young woman who feels an intense spiritual connection to the legendary monk Herusa. Despite her youth, she has devoted herself to a path of ascetic poverty and became a dervish. She desires to help the people of Velos in this time of their need. Known to the monks of the Sable Brotherhood, Tempus suggested she contact the paladin Akbar since he was impressed by the man’s behavior during tea at Judge Gongde. Azzah introduced herself and felt a strong connection to the large black warrior utterly devoted to his visions of the Unconquered Sun. She has since decided that assisting Akbar in his great work is part of her calling. She has begun to idolize the man because of his jovial and charitable nature despite his own personal tragedies.

Azzah was a stalwart companion to Akbar and the PCs for many months, but tragically perished when the party invaded the House of the Beast. A series of bad luck divided the party, and Azzah was overwhelmed by a gang of Mountain Saurians dwelling in the crypts underneath the Giant fort that is the House of the Beast. Unable to even recover her body, Akbar is burdened by the loss of his dear friend.


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