Elstev was a member of the city watch during the Night of Dark Terror. He was part of a group that futilely fought a fugue of shadows until the Player Characters arrive. As the other watch members fell one by one, Elstev somehow managed to survive and helped the Player Characters. He even managed to slay one shadow himself which earned him the reward of the Overlord.

During the awards ceremony where the Overlord publicly praised the heroes of the Night of Dark Terror, Elstev requested the Overlord release him from the responsibilities so he could serve Wu Chow Chi, the man Elstev considered to be the greatest hero of that night. The Overlord agreed, and Elstev is now a firm companion of Wu Chow Chi, intent on serving him even into the maws of hell.

After several months of service, Elstev returned to Velos with Wu Chow Chi and the others. Wu surprised his companions with a sudden marriage proposal to his paramour, Jade Apricot, and the two married. Knowing he would have leave his new bride again, Wu asked Elstev to stay behind and protect his bride. Although disappointed he would not be at hismaster’s side, Elstev immediately agreed. He has vowed to protect Jade Apricot with his life.


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