High Priestess of Menari, Leader of the Amazons of Velos


Lady Eyassa is a mature woman whose features still retain the glimmer of youth while betraying the experience of war and combat. She has served as the high priestess of Menari for over a decade now. She is a superb combatant, and has received multiple wounds that should have slain her. The more superstitious of Velos claim she cannot be killed.

By tradition, every amazon is considered to be a ritual wife of the ruler of Velos, and Eyassa is given all the honors of being the first wife of the Overlord, although she – like all high priestesses before her – is sworn to celibacy.

As one of the mightiest warriors of the land, Eyassa is feared by many and considered cruel and merciless.

The PCs saw her in person twice, once when the Overlord lead his forces during the Night of Dark Terror, and during the Council of Velos.


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