Archdruid of Velos, Protector of the Sacred Crocodile


Jafar is the archdruid of the Crocodile Sect, the guardians of the sacred crocodile who has lived in the oasis at Velos since the world was young. The sacred crocodile, named Ambos, is considered to the spiritual protector of Velos. The entire city would seek to slay any who sought to do him harm. His prophecies and auguries – as interpreted by the Crocodile Druids – are rare and infrequent, but said to be uncannily accurate.

Jafar himself is an old man who has been involved with the sect for several decades before inheriting the position of the sect’s leader.

The PCs have seen Jafar only twice, once when reporting to the city’s inquisition on sorcery, and the second when attending the Council of Velos.


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