Judge Gongde

Magistrate of the Brass Gate


Judge Gongde is one of the magistrates of the city of Velos, responsible for law and order at the Brass Gate and surrounding districts including relations with the nearby bedouins. A middle aged man, the Judge acts with authority and is exceedingly polite. Much of his daily work involves resolving disputes in the caravanserai and markets near the city entrance. He is an earthy and sincere man.

Gongde is a native of Seres like Wu Chow Chi. Why he originally came to this far away desert, and how he has come to such a high position among the servants of the Overlord is unknown.

The player characters met Judge Gongde as a consequence of their apprehension of two grave diggers they thought involved in the recent ghoul activity near the city tombs. Interrogation revealed that the grave diggers had been paid to ignore certain groups who would visit the graves at night, and to deliver some bodies to an abandoned hovel. The Judge asked them to investigate, and after the party uncovered evidence of sorcery and witchcraft, he presented them with a Writ of Inquisition authorizing them to take actions against witches on behalf of the Overlord.

Judge Gongde

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