Master Pizentious

Master of the Cyclops Tower, Disciple of Hammurabi


Pizentious is a Master of the Art. Through many long years and arduous toil, he has become one of the Wise. Now very aged, he has claimed the Tower of the Cyclops as his sanctum and imposed his protection on the city of Velos.

Pizentious is a strict traditionalist of the Art, obeying only those precepts of magical arts as accepted by the archmage Hammurabi, the man most say founded the art of wizardry among mortal men.

The Tower of the Cyclops looms over the city of Velos like a stone sentinel. Obviously not built by men, most locals repeat that it was made by the Cyclops long ago when they ruled the desert. It is probably the truth. With no doors that can be seen, the Tower is surrounded by two sets of concentric stone walls, each housing a fabulous garden. The outermost is used as a park and meeting place by the subject of the Overlord as they wait to meet (futilely, most likely) the great magician. The second, innermost garden is a lush jungle filled with exotic animals and plants. Guarding the outermost walls are the guards of the Overlord himself, to let all know that he is a friend to the master of the tower.

Each week the Overlord sends his gifts to the mighty wizard, huge carts filled with fresh produce, delicious eggs, rare wines, and often beautiful women and boys if the Master and his students choose to partake of their pleasure.

The player characters met Master Pizentious when the wizard Samara visited him. Samara is a member of the Rune Brethern of Jotun, a sect within the Disciples of Hammurabi that seek to master the secret magic of the giants. Intrigued by the stories of the Cyclops Tower, Samara offered to serve Pizentious in exchange for his teaching. Pleased to have another journeymen of the Art to assist him in teaching apprentices and owing him fealty, Pizentious accepted.

Master Pizentious

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