Tyrant of Velos, Master of the Golden Wastes, and Defender of the Realms of Men


The Overlord has ruled the city of Velos since before the fall of the Fourth Dynasty, yet still looks young. It is said that he has been given long life and eternal youth bestowed by a boon from a genie, yet despite his many wives and hundreds of concubines over the years, he has sired no children. After many failed revolts and assassination attempts, the city nobility have reluctantly accepted that the Overlord will not die anytime soon and have given up their hopes that one of their one will succeed him as heir to the throne. The Overlord is is a collector of many things: art, animals, strange plants, and many other unique items.

The Overlord rules not just over the city, but much of the wastes around the oasis. Four bedouin tribes pay him homage. The barbarous Orean tribe of the Yereni people, lead by Prince Nangeri. The swaggering and bullying Manahils. The once prosperous Ujman tribe who have recently become weakened through the selfish leadership of its Sheikh Rezah. The weak and unaggressive Duru are best known for their goat herding.

The Overlord, like all past rulers of Velos, is a severe upholder of Law. It is his will alone that keeps the city and its oasis safe from all manner of chaos. He has waged various wars against the Saurians, smashing their armies, subdued the bedouin tribes, and destroyed all manner of weird and fantastic monsters of the desert wastes.

The Overlord is served by the college sacroum, the sacred body of druids and clerics in the city, and defended by the amazon warriors of the Temple of Menari. He gives gifts of his friendship to the Master of the Cyclops of Tower.

Although a brave and capable man, the Overlord has grown increasingly decadent over the years. The Overlord’s newest concubine, Ashkaurani, is responsible for his increasingly exotic and perhaps depraved tastes. She was bought at the slave market only a few years ago.


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