Red Sultana

Bandit Queen of the Golden Wastes


This still young woman is the bandit queen of the desert. Many rumors whirl about her, claiming she is a daughter of a noble family, a sorceress, or a succubus in disguise. What is not in dispute is her leadership abilities or the threat the Overlord sees in her. A 1000 gold bounty is placed on her head.

The Red Sultana, named for her red hair, first became notorious for her raids on various nomads around Velos. She steadily built up her forces as she lead her band of thieves and cut-throats from victory to victory, earning the wrath of the Overlord as some tribes defected from his control. Since the turmoils, it is said that all nomads far from the city of Velos have sworn her their allegiance as protection against the evil omens.

The player characters briefly met the Red Sultana when they unknowingly saved her from death from a cruel looking man named Tewfik and several other men. As thanks for their help, she gave the Calibani tracker, Kasib, a Ring of Protection, and let them know if they ever needed her help, she would give it.

Red Sultana

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