Arrogant, Foolish Bully now Vessel to the Ghost of Shaddad


Rezah al-Anovar is a great warrior, even if not as great as in his mind. Physically strong, but he is arrogant and belittling to everyone beneath him while indulgent of all vices. He became sheikh of the Ujman tribe due to his prowess in battle, but that is the extent of his leadership abilities. Since taking over, the Ujman tribe has declined in influence and numbers, demoralized by his poor leadership. The most ambitious of his tribe had already begun to desert him for sheikhs who would properly reward them.

It is likely his clan would have continued to decline if not for the suprised intercession of the ghost of Shaddad. Shaddad had secretly moved to Velos looking for a mortal vessel to possess so he could revenge himself on the thieves who stole his burial goods, including the famed scimitar Cyclone. He saw all the physical power he needed in Rezah, and knew he could convince the vain fool to willingly surrender his body for the honor of housing the spirit of the great hero.

Since then Rezah, now known as Rezah-Shaddad, had united almost all the bedouin behind him and become the second most powerful man in Velos. Even the Overlord is cautious to move against him. He has taken over the district abandoned since the Night of Dark Terror and set himself as warlord and leader of the bedouin who have crowded into Velos since the desert has become full of monsters and horrors. The Sapphire Banner of Shaddad flies everywhere, and loyal camel cavalry patrol the desert to lead what few bedouin remain to the part of the city he controls.

Rezah-Shaddad claims he will lead the jihad against the evil that now rules the Golden Wastes and crush the Beast King’s army once it appears. Whether he speaks the truth or has a hidden agenda is unknown to all but himself.



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