The Seer

Purveyor of Curiosities and Magic


In a non-descript house not far from Achemd the Butcher lies the Seer. Outside is a sign showing a Wheel of Fate, indicating a fortune teller. Inside are all manner of curious, spell components, strange objects, alchemical items, and behind the sales a counter many dusty books, scrolls, and chests. He also keeps various small animals in cages, some of which seem to glare upon visitors with hate, shudder in terror, or plead with tearful eyes.

The Seer himself is clothed in red robes covered by a Jade Mask. His arms are covered in black silk opera gloves. He is obviosuly an old man, partially hunched, and walking with a cane. His flesh is not seen, but the tiny glimpses seen from his mask’s eyeholes appear dark and scabrous.

The Seer will sell any number of mundane items, but it is also rumored that he will sell minor magical items and scrolls for gold to those he likes best.

The player characters met the Seer when Samara went to him looking for magical spells. Instead he found a treasure map of a fabulous lost treasure guarded by a ghul queen. The Seer offered to sell it to Samara. Bereft of money, Samara bargained to instead give him 4 shares of every 10 of the treasure recovered. The Seer agreed, but Samara later backed out on the plan after discussing with his companions. The Seer refused to give up the map them, insisting on the originally agreed upon price.


The Seer

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