Shaddad, Terror of Genies

Ancient Hero of the Golden Wastes; Now a Wandering Ghost


Shaddad was a legendary desert warrior, born many years before the founding of the First Dynasty. He was a hero to the people, and with his great scimitar Cyclone, he forced the Genies to abandon their harassment of the people and promise to keep to the wastes.

When he died, the grateful people buried him in a tomb. These were heathen days, and the spirit of Shaddad dwelled in the realms of the Tempest, and he would occasionally visit his tomb to hear the supplicants still made to him. Thousands of years later, he still remains.

A year ago, word spread his tomb had been disturbed and great evil stalked the land around it. The PCs investigated and found the tomb was disturbed, and destroyed the evil spirits which inhabited the bodies of Shaddad and his wives.

Shaddad intended to recover his lost treasures and selected Samedi as his vessel and means to do it. The PCs did not find this an honor and begged Shaddad to allow Samedi to be free. Shaddad relented even though he was offended by the presumptuous nature of the PCs. Later, he grew angry when he suspected they were not interested in truly serving him, but had their own agenda.

Shaddad, Terror of Genies

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