Master of the Hippodrome, Favorite of the Overlord, Ex-gladiator


The current Master of the Games is Syphax, an ex-slave who won his freedom in the arena after a glorious career more than twelve years ago. The Overlord made Syphax the new master as a reward for his skill and great popularity with the mob. It is universally agreed that Syphax has been a very good Master of the Hippodrome, and has improved the normal operations of the races and arena and scheduled the festivities with aplomb.

Syphax is a tall, heavily built human in his early fifties. Famed for his great strength and stamina, he remains an exceptionally hardy man. His dark hair is said to have gone grey, but vanity makes him cover it with black dye. Syphax has mastered several exotic weapons during his career as a gladiator, but is most renowned for his mastery of the bastard sword.

Syphax was famed for his romantic conquests during his stint as a gladiator and after becoming freed. Whether it was because of love or feeling the weight of years, it is said he became very attached to the young aristocrat Kella Gerami, and popular rumor said they were secret lovers. Yet more than a year ago, Kella broke off any dealings with Syphax, likely due to family disapproval. Since then, Syphax has become sullen and irritable, but he has begun to recover some of his former cheer.


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