Talia Gerami

Heir to the House of Gerami


Talia is the eldest daughter of Asad Gerami, current head of the house. Although females generally do not hold familial potestas, Asad’s only son in a simpleton and Talia possesses an “unwomanlike” intellect and will despite her feminine beauty. Therefore, she is acknowledged as the likely heir of the family. She is currently unmarried. Her choice of a bridegroom is somewhat difficult, as she requires someone of suitable prestige, yet who would not try to usurp her place.

Talia is a young woman in her twenties, attractive in a handsome way, but not blindtakingly beautiful.

Several player characters met her when they attended the party hosted by the Gerami. She is cousin to the missing Kella Gerami.

Talia Gerami

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