Brother of the White Flame, Survivor of the Velos cell


Tannaq was a disciple of the White Flame and served Thalhoon in his studies of the Saurian ruins underneath the city of Velos. When the player characters attacked, he was one of only two survivors. Since then, he has stayed in Velos until the White Flame Brotherhood contacts him.

Kasib used his knowledge of lungmei to scry for the cell’s survivors, and recognized this one at the Serpent’s Egg Inn. Samara then disguised himself and entered the inn in an attempt to fool their foe into thinking he was another member of the White Flame cult. The ruse succeeded, and when the Brotherhood sent word to come to the House of the Beastm Tannaq sent for Samara while sending assassins to kill Samedi and Wu and recover the sword Cinder.

Samara joined Tannaq out in the wastes in the company of mysterious guardians. He sent an empathic distress to his familiar Abu, who brought the other PCs to track Samara. Once they realized they were followed, Samara blamed Tannaq for bringing the party here by his botched assassination attempt. Samara treacherously attacked Tannaq and wounded him badly. The bodyguards, hoping the PCs would stop following, and intent on bringing at least one of the Brothers to the House of the Beast, quickly slew him.


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