An old man with a body still in his thirties, Tempus is the Grand Prior of the Sable Brotherhood.


Tempus is the most well known warrior in Velos, a warrior monk with long service in the Sable Brotherhood. Old men of the city remember Tempus from the days of their childhood. A true believer in the monastic foundations of the Sable Brotherhood, Tempus has served as second in command of the Brotherhood for several decades, but has always been defeated in becoming Grandmaster.

Rumors are that he may be immortal, and that his mastery of yoga has given him powers beyond those of ordinary men. He is a master of all weapons.

Tempus met the player characters at the tea party of Judge Gongde where he and many others discussed the events and rumors that have engulfed the city since the demonic sandstorm.

The Player Characters have taken to Tempus as an ally and confidant against Chaos.


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