The Garden of Delights


This is a book of black magic written by Hanno Sarkun, a judge of the Shantish League during the Fourth Dynasty. It was secretly published in the great city of Shanta only a few hundred years ago. Original copies are known by its illustrations which contain much occult imagery and symbolism. The book was later denounced by the Calusari, and only a handful of copies are believed to be in existence.

The book describes the author’s visit in dreams to the Garden of Delights, one of the euphemisms for the demiplane of the Amber Peaks where the original, demonic ghouls exist who give the place its other well known name, the Charnel House. The book concentrates on the life to be found there, particularly in the pleasures of the flesh. As it goes on, the jaded appetites cause the narrator to indulge in taboo, and he describes increasingly perverted and degrading acts. One of the last taboos violated, of course, includes cannibalism, necrophilia, and other repugnant acts.

The work tries to justify these acts by denying the spiritual side of man, and that flesh – matter – is all that exists. Strangely, this is not why the Calusari placed it on the forbidden index, but for its description of the hypocrisy and crimes of the Illuminati as well as their monopoly on clerical magic and theurgy. Because the book implies that anyone could utilize such magic by sorcery, it fell into the purview of the Calusari. Rumor claims that hidden within the text and original illustrations in the book is an incantation that would allow someone to summon one of the Lords of the Garden of Delights. By undermining the spiritual claims of the Illuminati, the author hoped to convince readers to his own views.

This book does not contain any spells, although IF the Incantation exists, it would take several Intelligence and Knowledge (Arcana) checks to discover it. The general rules for Incantations can be found here. Basically, Incantations are traditional, literary magic with rituals and such. One does NOT need to be a magic-user/wizard to cast Incantations!

The Garden of Delights

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