The Phoenix Sword

Longsword of the Phoenix

weapon (melee)

Talon is a magical sword that is +1 to attack and damage rolls every 4 levels. In the hands of a 6th level character, the sword is considered to be Lawful according to Damage Reduction purposes.

Talon is an intelligent magical sword with a dedicated purpose of defending the Great Seals.


The player characters discovered this longsword in a chest among the possessions of the Faceless One. Also included in the chest was a lapis lazuli cylinder. The sword was forged from orichalchum (a rare magical alloy) and has a carnelian intaglio in the shape of a firebird on the hilt. So far the only power it seems to possess is that it is considered to be Lawfully aligned for overcoming Damage Resistance.

The party has discovered that the sword’s origins lie with an ancient band of heroes, adventurers, or knights called the Company of the Phoenix with a long and storied history reaching back to before the foundation of the Empire. The Company of the Phoenix seems to have ceased to exist sometime during the Third Dynasty.

The Phoenix sword was disintegrated by Samara on the demiplane of the Isles of Paradise. Akbar had fallen in battle, and the sword was taken by Diogenes, a person trapped in temporal stasis that the party rescued. Diogenes, probably under the influence of the intelligent sword, refused to hand it to Akbar. The party did not accept this and attacked Diogenes. Samara decided to end the conflict by destroying the item which caused it, a controversial decision.

The Phoenix Sword

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