The Secret Fire

Spellbook of the White Flame Brotherhood


A codex bound in salamander skin (always warm to the touch, although it provides no heat), the Secret Fire is a treatise by the White Flame Brotherhood, a cult of fire worshippers. When Detect Magic is cast, an unknown, glowing sigil is sign that is not visible otherwise. The book describes the importance of Elemental Fire in the universe and details the major and important tenets of the beliefs of the Brotherhood. It is written in arcane magical writing which requires either a Spellcraft check (DC 25), or the use of the Read Magic spell. The book will take 1 month to read before which time you cannot learn any spells. Possession of the book allows a +2 Circumstance modifier to checks concerning the Brotherhood or related issues.

There are several sections written in the language of the plane of elemental fire which requires either knowledge of that language, the use of the spell Comprehend Languages, or the skill Decipher Script (DC 30). This does not impact learning any spells however.

The text states that fire is the primordial element out of which everything else arises. Fire is the origin of all matter; through it all things come into being and pass away. Fire itself is the symbol of perpetual change because it transforms a substance into another substance without being a substance itself. All other elements have their basis in fire. “Fire” is merely the manifestation of a more perfect “secret fire” which is at the core of all creation. Fire is seen as an agent of purification. Destruction and creation is the same thing. Much attention is paid to beings called the Firelords, and their master Karshar, Lord of Flame and Blaze.

The philosophy of the brotherhood follows from this insight. Fire does not destroy, but only transforms. The Brotherhood believes that metaphorical fires, such as war, strife, or any other change is essential. In its radical teachings, things like war, murder, and other terrible acts are good, provided they are done by the enlightened who have been purified by their adoption of the Brotherhood’s teachings. It is an aggressive, dominating philosophy.

The discipline of the Brotherhood is austere and severe. The book praises the power obtained through self-mastery, and despises the passions that distract men from their chief ambition, self-purification and communion with the Secret Fire. Just as impure ores are refined in a forge with useless slag melting away and disposed, so is everything purified by fire. The ultimate aim is a kind of self-annihilation which enables Brothers to transcend and become one with the universe.

The book describes little about the organization of the Brotherhood, or its history, but readers will understand the Brothers speak of an extremely ancient lineage which seems to have its origins among the Saurians. As a magical tradition, it is clearly indigenous to the region of the Golden Wastes.

Dispersed throughout the book, are spell primers in the text itself. Although not in the form of a scroll (that can be readily casted), it has everything needed to learn the spell. Samara must first decipher the magical writing. Next, he must spend a day studying each spell, and at the end of that day, make a Spellcraft check (DC 15 + spell’s level). If the check fails, the wizard cannot understand or copy the spell. Samara can attempt to learn that spell again only after he gains another rank in Spellcraft.


1- Burning Hands
1 – Feather Fall
1 – Magic Weapon

2 – Flaming Sphere
2 – Glitterdust
2 – Pyrotechnics

3 – Fireball
3 – Flame Arrow
3 – Summon Monster III* (only gives true names of various Small Fire Elementals – but if you ever learn true names of other appropriate Outsiders, you could summon them too)

4 – Fire Shield
4 – Fire Trap
4 – Wall of Fire

5 – Dominate Person
5 – Dismissal
5 – Summon Monster V* (only gives true names of various Medium Fire Elementals – but if you ever learn true names of other appropriate Outsiders, you could summon them too)

  • If you ever want to use Summon Monster, please have the stats of the monster already prepared so that the DM does not need to do it for you during game. You can get the stats for most summonable creatures in the monster section at

The Secret Fire

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