The Golden Wastes

Akbar - 10.1.11

Notes from temple of white flame:
Thalhoon is the leader of the white flame cult.
Working with Saurian prophet who is a druid (and eats mushrooms)
Also working with Faceless man who is excavating below the temple for arcane reasons.

Decided to go back up. Rested, and I got my celestial mount.
Kassib collected info about stinky guy. There are multiple stinky guys, and is not the same one we met before coming to Valos. This one in Valos is still chaotic. He goes to the serpents egg inn on Wednesday and back to a flop house.
Samara learned new spells from the book.

We then went to take care of the Saurians.

…To be continued

GM Notes - October 2011 game

At the end of the last game session, Samara wanted to research some things before the next game.

This is what he learned about the history of Dag Zahag, told in the manner of one of the street storytellers.

Inquiries about the area above the sewer system with all the rats.

Master Pizentious gives an update on the vial of black liquid given to him.

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