Chaos is formless and full of possibilities. For that reason, some associate it with the spark of freewill and wild creation. Chaos also has the aspect of violent nature, such as storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and the like. It is untamed and wild. It will choose to help those that serve the spirit of these aims through their actions. It will battle those that oppose them. It preys on those that do neither. At this time its servants are looking to the destruction of Law in the main.

Although the formless void before Creation was Chaos, which was the essence of all that which was created, Chaos seeks to return to that indeterminate state. It is fundamentally an entropic force that is hostile and destructive towards life. The Lords of Chaos desire absolute freedom. They seek and grant great opportunity and to indulge in impulse, but also justify cruel anarchy and selfish behavior because any limit to their behavior is unacceptable.

Despite that, Chaos is not the same as “evil”, although many evil creatures are undoubtedly Chaotic. There are also beings of Chaos that are not actively malevolent, although even these are capricious and irrational. Emotions and feelings are chaotic including romance and love.

All Fey, Giants, and Undead are inherently Chaotic. Many Outsiders – whether they are called Demons, Fiends, or some other name – are also inherently Chaotic. Characters with the Sorcerer class who gain their power through pacts made with Chaotic masters are also Chaotic.

It is said that magic takes force and ubiquity from Chaos, although Law is needed to give it form and function. As a result, there are people who do not trust magic or its practitioners, or at least consider certain magic utterly irredeemable.

While the Powers of Law are organized and predictable, the Powers of Chaos are varied and plentiful.

TITANS – There are the Titans who fashioned the world from Chaos and represent nature in its most wild and primeval.

DAEVAS – There are the Daevas, the powers of night, who seek to deceive man from the truths of Law.

TWILIGHT LORDS – The Twilight Lords are a supernatural race said to live underground, across the Astral Sea, or in an invisible world that coexists with the world of mortals.

RAKSHASA – The Rakshasas are spirits of truly debased and abhorrent evil who take on humanoid form.


ANCIENTS – Sometimes known as the Great Old Ones, these are powers forgotten by man, worshipped by the evil creatures who hate the race of men.

SEVEN WHO ARE ONE – The Seven Who Are One is the great world serpent who surrounds the cosmos in the Astral Sea, and is said to be the one who will destroy the world and begin the next cycle of Creation.


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