The Conspiracy Against the Overlord

LifeofbrianBlessed with unnaturally long life, a cunning mind, and capable of extreme ruthlessness, the rule of the Overlord has never been without trouble. Over the almost two hundred years of his rule, the Overlord has withstood various assassination attempts and conspiracies against his rule. It was not even twenty years ago when the Gerami were crushed in a premature attempt to eliminate him. Since then, intrigues against him ceased… at least until recently.

The Overlord’s absence in daily affairs of the city, effectively making his Grand Vizier – Simeon of Shanta – the true ruler of the city has allowed discontent to grow especially since calamity and disaster have repeatedly struck in these past several years. Still cowed by the Overlord’s power, the conspiracy against him seems based among the lower classes and poor who desperately seek a champion who will end the cruel times and ill omens. Yet as the city falls into anarchy, it is only a matter of time before the Armigers and wealthy Pecunare join.

Yet others mention that the Overlord is crafty and patient. He may only be using the bad events to see who would betray him, and then strike swiftly when the foolish move against him. Similar ploys were used by him in the past.

In any event, the public disappearance of the Overlord has created a sense of unease throughout the entire city and region.


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