Hyena bestiaryCrocotta are ravenous beastmen, and deadly enemies of men. They are cannibalistic monsters who are active at night. The creature is easily recognizable by their hairy body, red and gleaming eyes and a nasal voice. They are most often found in wastes and savannas although they have also invaded other areas. They are considered more beast than man. Crocotta have amazing strength, and are said to have the ability to imitate the human voice and speak in mockery of man. In fact, they are unusually good mimics and can sometimes speak exactly like a specific person or animal they wish to imitate. They devour anyone who might fall into their hands. In fact, they are known to rob gravesites and eat the dead. Their powerful jaws can crush bone which they can digest easily.

Crocotta like to attack when they have the advantage of numbers, using horde tactics and their physical strength to overwhelm and knock down their opponents. They show little discipline when fighting unless they have a strong leader; at such times, they can maintain ranks and fight as a unit. They have an intense hatred of dogs and are known to slay them on sight. Their raids are usually associated with the stealing of food, whether they be cattle or defenseless humans like children. They usually travel in packs. Veteran bands of Crocotta warriors are known for their long distance running ability and will cover vast distances on nightly forced marches.

They are a primitive race and technologically less advanced than both men and Saurians. However, they are skilled blacksmiths and produce many fine weapons and armor including those of masterwork quality. They are primarily nomadic, but it is not uncommon for them to dwell in small villages burrowed into their ground.

Crocotta priests are primarily druids who have pacts with the Carrion King spirits and Beastlord totems of other scavenging animals. Their disgusting rites deal with the dead, fear, and other malefic spirits of nature.

They seem to like the art of wizardry, but sorcery is rife, especially within the bardic caste. There seems to be link with them and the mysterious bouda, a kind of witch who is able to transform into hyenas.


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