10 arabiannights dulac alladin efriteThe great genies – Djinn, Efreet, Dao, and Marid – dwell in far away planes, but occasionally visit the terrestrial sphere. Made of smokeless fire, each genie inhabits one of the elemental planes.

Efreeti are the war-caste of the genies in their battles to stifle Chaos in the desert. They are in many ways, but not exclusively, the leadership caste of the Genies. Their fiery temples and surly demeanors also mask great passion. They are the most dismissive of man and prone to great anger when Genies are imprisoned. Humanity, as seen by them, is mud-born slime.

Djinn are the scholars, entertainers, and advisors of the genies They retain a love of fine crafts, wealth and cunning maneuver. Many females are talented in crafts, entertainment arts and eroticism. A number of them were, and are, the slaves or wives of Ifreet.

Dao are the craftsmen and artisans. They are the blacksmiths and forgers of the genies, and guardians of the wealth or the earth. They are well built and muscular, and commonly bearded with long hair. They are known for their ability as artisans and warriors.

Marids are the poets, artists, magicians, and lore keepers of the Genies. They are sages and possess great knowledge of the olden days. Although they rarely concern themselves with material matters, they are among the most powerful of the Genies.

Underneath the great genies are the Jann, who hold lands on Orbis as fiefs. They serve the greater genies. They oversee their lands and the fey who dwell there. They are protective of their charges, but found only in the deep wilderness or desolate wastes.

The Jann are dedicated to preserving that which remains of their domains. Where possible, they seek to expand their hold at the expense of their enemies. They will not do so if the effort is a major risk to what they already have. The Jann possess many magical beasts and allies that aide them.

Genies expect moral conduct from those that they deal with. If promises are not kept, they will seek vengeance. Persons that are severely noisy are despised. Those that are kind are rewarded. In general, if genies are dealt with in a kind and moral manner they will be friendly. If not, trouble will follow.

Genies feel no obligations to be moral to non-Genie or non-Fey creatures. They expect morality from them but feel no compulsion to react in kind. They can be quite capricious in their actions towards humans, especially humans that are handsome or beautiful.

Each of the great genies have their own homeland, courts, and rulers on the Elemental Plane they call home. But they have also fashioned a tremendous paradise that mortals call the Brass Spires. It can be seen in the early morning and evening, wandering the astral sea, brighter than anything in the heavens except the moon and sun. Favored mortals are sometimes brought to the Brass Spires as a reward. So too are those that offend them so they can receive the most horrible of punishments. Various other elemental creatures roam the Brass Spires, as do the Gen – mortal humanoid beings with the blood of the elementals flowing through them. Some say they are the descendents of the first mortals who mated with the genies of old.


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