Ghul Cult

Ghoul ewOne of the more abominable Chaos cults on the world of Orbis is the Ghul Cult. Ghuls are an undead race of men associated with corrupt spirits of jann tied to the Negative Material Plane. The first Ghuls resided in their own demi-plane where they feasted on the damned – evil men reincarnated in flesh on the plane. It is a sort of hell, but one accessible by magic as well. Few dare to come here, although the corrupt may be tempted by the lure of forbidden pleasures. Their demi-plane is known as both the Charnel House and the House of Delights. To Ghuls, flesh and its pleasures are the only important thing. Sometime after the passing of the Ancient Sea Kings these undead secured a major portal to the world of Orbis and corrupted the first men.

Even the lowliest of ghouls, retain their intelligence and even gain cunning greater than already possessed. Most ghouls are the poor victims of this diabolical disease, but a very few mortals willingly embrace ghouldom. Such decadent people controlled by their desires of the flesh, are fooled into accepting this curse as a gift. They are so corrupted they think of themselves as a higher, and destined, new race of man and seek to dominate and enslave their cousins trapped in the “curse” of life. This worldwide conspiracy is called the White Kingdom by the Calusari, the Imperial Witchhunters, but most men simply call them the Cult of Ghuls.

The Cult engages in necromancy, necrophagy, and necrophilia. These are among the least of their crimes. Sorcery, demon worship, and undeath is rife within the cult, indeed that is its very purpose.

In Velos, evidence has been uncovered a grand conspiracy previously unguessed. While the presence of a Ghul Cult has been obvious since Samedi first ended the terror of the unknown horror stalking a poor section of town, recent evidence has revealed a far more extensive hierarchy within the city, and its ties to those seeking information on the Conqueror Worm and the Tablets of Destiny.

This page is meant as a repository of information that the PCs link to the Ghul Cult. The DM will provide links to any information they consider relevant.

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Ghul Cult

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