Surt fire giant ruler of muspellheimThe elder race of Giants are a powerful force on Orbis. Wild and chaotic, Giants would return the world to wilderness, destroying the civilization of men. As children of the titans, they dislike the Immortals and their clerics.

There are giant strongholds in the deep wilderness, usually locations inadmissible to most men – tall mountain peaks, remote arctic wastelands, deep forests, high clouds and volcanic isles. However, they do not have cities. Instead, their settlements are longhouses and castles where the local giant chieftain holds court and rewards his followers.

Giants are a primeval force, and their usual work is to build the wilderness. Just as men cut down trees, drains marshes, build houses, and plant crops, the giants build mountains, plant forests, forge volcanoes, and bring the seasonal weather. Giants prosper in harsh wilderness conditions, and their magical nature provides them strength as they do so.

Giants are not intrinsically hostile to men, but it is almost impossible for the civilization of men to prosper in the presence of giants. Giants are opponents of Law and desire to return Orbis to the state before the coming of man.

Giants remain a powerful force in the Golden Wastes deep in the desert. Old legends speak of a terrible war between the Genies and Giants that ruined a once lush, green land here. Both sides claim victory and both sides lost much of their power. The desert landscape is littered with various giantish ruins whose popular rumor indicates still contains much treasure.

In addition, one of the race of Gigantes (the spawn of the giants), the Cyclops, has their own savage kingdom somewhere still in the desert. These one eyed monstrosities, lead by King Laestrogonyes, has declared war on the Overlord of Velos.


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