Herald of the Worm

HeraldofthewormThe Herald of the Worm is an immense undead monstrosity spiritually connected with the Conqueror Worm. It could be, in some strange way, a spawn or child of the Worm, or perhaps just a corrupted aberration created by the presence of the Conqueror Worm.

It is a nauseating creature that looks like a gigantic, pale yellow maggot. Twin rows of dozens of pulpy, rudimentary legs tipped with bony spurs cover its belly. Its head is studded with dozens of eyes, below which drools a maw filled with hooked teeth. Millions of distended pores continually weep a foul-smelling mucus that covers its entire body. The horror radiates a cloying stink of rotting flowers and sour milk.

The Herald was summoned by the Heraldic Scrolls, a minor artifact found in the ruins of the Beast King’s palace. Now activated, the Scroll is protected by temporal stasis, and it bathes the Herald in a special containment sphere similar to a wall of force. The two are connected by a beam of writhing green light. The containment sphere is invisible, and feels like a cold, transparent barrier of rubbery material. Anyone who touches the field has so far taken negative energy damage. Anyone who touches the scrolls can “feel” the evil mind of the Herald and can communicate with it telepathically.

Little is known about the Herald except what is written about it in the Scrolls. Its purpose seems to be to digest the living and turn them into undead monstrosities. It seems to be unknown to common knowledge.

Herald of the Worm

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