Lizard Nest

The Lizard Nest, popularly known as just the Nest, is the area right outside the city walls that is permanently settled by Desert Saurians who trade with the city. Although they pay rent (tribute) to the Overlord, they govern themselves completely within certain restrictions. Its de facto leader is called the Ambassador by the locals, but is simply the oldest and wisest Saurian at whatever time. Most Saurians hail from their city of Sabkha, some 300 miles to the south. There are 40-400 at any one time.

Trade with the Saurians is an important factor in the prosperity of the city, as the Saurians are the main source of gold. In addition, while humans attempt only 2-3 caravans per year, the Saurians send caravans year round providing a steady trade in spices, slaves, and other luxury goods.

The Ambassador is a frequent guest of the Overlord, representing the Saurians and voicing their complaints or concerns, as well as being responsible for insuring peace and keeping order. Few Saurians are allowed entrance into the city unguarded, although there are several times a year when large groups are allowed to enter under guard to discuss business at the grand marketplace.

The Saurians have a large impact on the culture of Velos and the surrounding area. Many aspects unique to the area reflect their influence which makes many ordinary men from other areas uneased with the local culture when they visit.

Lizard Nest

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