Medical Hostel

Spain medieval hospital grangerThe physicians of Velos dwell all over the city, but near the Brass Gate is the large hostel of Velos. The hostel caters mainly to those who only temporarily stay in the city such as visiting bedouin or the merchants and guards of the caravans. Since the black sandstorm dredged up all sorts of ancient evils, the hostel is crowded and overflowing with the sick and indigent.

Most care is provided by monks and nuns, charitable physicians, and staff paid by the generosity of the Overlord. Recently, the clerics and druids have contributed more to prevent the spread of disease throughout the city.

Several months ago, bedouin fleeing the wastes have brought an epidemic of parasitic worms. Such hookworms are known in the lands of the Askari freeholds, but were rare in the desert. The bedouin report sightings of diseased ridden demons in the night sky corrupting wells and infecting people.

The physicians try their best to treat and cure the disease, and seem to have kept it in check and slowly exterminating it, but at high cost. Supplies of potions and elixirs have run low.

Medical Hostel

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