Nightshades dwell on the plane of Erebus, which provides them with life-sustaining energy, and seek to spread death and destruction everywhere. Similar to undead, but distinct by the fact that they were never alive to begin with. Some scholars of the planes refer to them as the “Neverborn”. Nightshades can read all magical writings and languages, although they cannot speak. They communicate with each other and their summoners telepathically. Nightshades never speak to their victims. Any creature that is not a Nightshade or a summoner is considered a victim.
Nightshades can travel to the Tempest at will, but must be specially summoned in order to enter the Prime Material Plane. They are found on the Prime Material Plane only if summoned by powerful sorcerers for dark purposes. All nightshades are jet black. The air around them is cold and smells like an open grave in winter. These creatures have no visible eyes and apparently sense their surroundings magically. They see invisible objects and detect magic at will.

Nightshades are all extremely intelligent and cunning. The creature can use its summoner’s knowledge to function better on the Prime Material Plane. All people, places, and objects that the summoner knows are also known by the nightshade. A nightshade uses its great intellect to plan and scheme, and to invent plots using servants (usually undead).

They are typically solitary creatures except for the hordes of undead that often surround them, inately worshipping their blasphemous existence. Whatever their origin, nightshades can only be summoned to the Prime Material Plane by use of a powerful ritual. The ritual must be cast in complete darkness: summoning usually takes place deep underground or during the dark of the new moon.

These unnatural, extraplanar creatures seldom interact with the environment. However, when on the Prime Material Plane, a nightshade is a destructive force capable of greatly disrupting a local ecology; a nightshade always causes death and often drives normal life forms away.


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