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While the party is preparing its own expeditions to the giantish ruins, there are other opportunities to earn money, seek adventure, or help those in need.

The Overlord of Velos has made it known that he desires that there be brought unto him an intact Lamia, a serpentine maid of beauteous aspect and unspeakable thirsts. Those who bring the Overlord his prize will be granted an incredible boon — a full day and night, dawn to next dawn, of unthinkable debauchery within his Pleasure Gardens as well as more mundane treasure. It is said that lamia, as well as other unwholesome things, haunt the Crypt of Llilitu, though it goes without saying that such details are the sole concern of the boon-seeker. The Overlord cares not.

Concerned over the supernatural tempest that covered the region in sandstorms, the Chapterhouses of Pukan, Rudren, and Chandra offers 50 gold for someone to check the status of several of several isolated settlements in the Golden Wastes and confirm whether their inhabitants are alive and what happened there. These oasis hamlets are each several days march from the city.

For many months prior to the recent tempest, an unknown horror has stalked the nights in several poor districts of Velos, slaughtering people who walk the streets at night. Many have gone missing. The local residents have posted a reward of 150 silver for any who can stop the killing.

For months, a dune hag has haunted the wastes, attacking bedouin, cursing people, and disrupting trade. Many suspect she must be the one who brought down the accursed tempest. Several bedouin sheikhs and merchants have put together a purse of 20 gold for anyone who brings in the head of the crone.

A Crocata warlord known as the Beast King has begun harvesting the desert for human slaves to satisfy his degenerate appetities. The Overlord posts a 500 gold bounty of any who slays him. There are few takers as everyone knows his army of crocata warriors number in the hundreds, yet they skillfully evade the large armed patrols of the Overlord’s mamlukes.

Two journeymen of the Sages Hall – Yasin and Awouda – seek men of stout heart to find and slay several beasts of the desert and bring them their intact corpses. If interested, inquire directly on payment fees.

The marauding desert bulette has an ongoing bounty of 500 silver.

Packs of murderous Death Dogs stalk the desert wastes.If these two headed beasts do not rip you to shreds, they will likely kill you days later through their infectious bite. The Overlord warns all his people to avoid them, or to slay all on sight.

The banditry of the Red Sultana must be stopped. A bounty of 1000 gold coins is offered for her head.

Scuttlebut indicates someone or something is robbing the graves of the cemetary outside the city walls. Entombed goods have disappeared, bodies are missing, and the graves disturbed. All men who fear the gods agree that it must be stopped, but no reward has been posted.

Giant rats have begun to escape the sewers, spreading disease and even killing people. Ratcatchers wanted. Inquire at the local city watch post. 5 cp per rat tail.

The Tomb of Shaddad, the Terror of Genies, has been disturbed. Until he is put back to rest, no one near his tomb will be safe. It is said that already the night is dark and full of terror. This story is an old one, some months before the sandstorm struck.

A basilisk stalks the nearby wastes, killing with his poisonous breath and turning careless men to stone. The Chapterhouses of Pukan and Rudren offer a bounty of 20 gold to anyone who slays it.

King Laestrogonys of the Cyclops has declared war against the Ovelord. No humans can expect to safe in the wastes west of the city.

Open Jobs

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