Races of Man


Orbis is a non-traditional fantasy setting, and all the player characters belong to different branches of the race of Man.  The non-human races of elves, dwarves, halflings, etc. do not exist although the new player races base their statistics on them for ease of play. It is believed all the races are descended from a common and superior root race, called the "Alhanri” by the sages. Normal Humans, the most populous race of men, are considered the men of plains and valley. However, there are many more types of men as well. They are:


There are two NPC races also very important to the Realms of Men.
At the bottom are the subhuman Shudra who bear monstrous deformities and perform menial work.  They occupy the equivalent of the Untouchables caste.  They are not eligible as a PC race.  The Shudra are, in fact, the Mongrelmen monster race.

At the other end of the social spectrum are the extra-planar Hieron who make up the bulk of the aristocracy. This blue skinned race is important to the game setting, but is not available as a player character race because of their superior powers. The mechanics used are the Zenythri, a planetouched race like the Aasimar and Tiefling, but aligned towards Law instead of Good and Evil. They are detailed in the Monster Manual 2. The Hieron arrived on the world ages ago and interbred with the world’s native aristocrats and helped fashion a cosmopolitan elite culture and a world empire. Their original demi-plane has since vanished in the Astral Sea in an apocalyptic disaster called “the Doom,” leaving this world their only one. Under Imperial law, all Hieron are members of one of the top two castes, the Illuminati and Armigers. The Hieron believe in order, and they do much to bolster civilization.

Races of Man

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