The Saurians are the heirs to the ancient sorcerous race of Serpent Men, and they continue their reptilian war against the race of man. Mankind and the Saurians are engaged in an epic duel for control of the world. They were once rivals to the Ancient Sea Kings, but the Sea Kings broke the power of their empire, and the Saurian race has degenerated into squabbling tribes.

Legend states that the Alhanri, believed to be the precursor of Man during the golden age, fought the Serpent Men. Later, after the Long Winter, when the Ancient Sea Kings, the first true race of men as understood today, arose. They fought huge wars with the ancestors of today’s Saurians. Those were defeated, and the Saurians which exist today are but a feeble remnant of their once awesome power. Still, they remember their glory days in bitter reminder. All Saurians nurse this grudge and struggle to once again achieve enough power to challenge the realms of men. They are the true rivals against the supremacy of men in the world, and men know this.
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Desert Saurians – The most advanced race of Saurians are those that live in the desert. The desert Saurians are the most advanced remnant of the long lost Saurian empire. Physically weak, they breed war beasts and use sorcery for their power. As the most civilized of the Saurians, they sometimes interact peaceably with men. They dominate the deserts, able to survive on less water and food than men, and enjoying heat that would kill men. These Saurians control some very important river ways and trade routes. They also enjoy Mediterranean climates, and these locations are scenes of some of the greatest battles between men and Saurian. Desert Saurians are the most likely to keep human slaves, and incorporate human communities into their lands.

Mountain Saurians – These Saurians live underground in the mountains, and extensively war against the Kith and Calibani. They are a much more savage and degenerate race than their desert cousins. They are universally considered the most revolting of the Saurians. While all Saurians are known to eat men on occasion, the Mountain Saurians seem to relish it. They are known for their atrocious stink, and command of the beats that dwell under the earth. Their bizarre and gruesome religious rites and festivals and their drive for constant war has created a great hatred among the Calibani in particular. The Mountain Saurians rarely keep human slaves – only the Calibani would be useful underground. However, they sometimes terrorize villages and camps near entrances to their underground lairs to give tribute and homage.

Jungle Saurians – The most primitive of the Saurians live in the tropical jungles and temperate swamps and rainforests on the world. The Jungle Saurians have declined the most from the lofty heights of the Serpent Men. Legends explain this as a result of a powerful curse. They are brutal and wild, lacking most of the comforts of civilization. However, they are completely at home in jungles, marsh, and swamp. Their lands are very hard to colonize. Jungle Saurians usually eat men, not enslave them. However, small clans occasionally have a need for labor and servants. They usually prefer to keep labor settlements to work on projects for them by holding important people hostage. When at war, the Jungle Saurians gather in great hordes the rule of a charismatic leader. They are prone to rampages and pillaging and rarely extend their conquests beyond the range of their natural habitat.

Serpent Elders – A few pure remnants of the Serpent Men have survived. They are naturally immortal, although they can be slain. No new ones have been born since the days of the Ancient Sea Kings. These few individuals are vastly powerful, but are isolated. If they stay in contact at all, it is through means of ancient sorcery.


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