Serpent's Egg Inn

Stephen e fabian the tower of the elephant viiThis den of thieves has a smoke filled large cellar where the most dangerous men of Velos engage in raucous laughter. Regulars are likely to insult and bully newcomers, but are unlikely to rob or murder them unless they continue to show up unwanted.

The people here are the absolute worst of the city, the elite of the criminal element. They are not easily frightened and know they rule the neighborhood.

The player characters are aware of the inn because of the presence of a mysterious man they met in the Sanhaja Raj before their caravan entered the desert. There an foul smelling, bedraggled man kept inquiring about clay tablets. Akbar sensed the presence of Chaos about him, and the party has been interested in him ever since.

In Velos, they heard about a man known as ‘Black Robe’, dressed in dark bedouin rags, but exudes a foul odor. He offers a reward for anyone with news of the whereabouts of a clay tablet or talisman, slightly larger than a hand with a stamp of desert animals on it. Rumors are that he killed a man who attempted to deceive him about having such a tablet.

Recently, Kasib entered the inn to check on the man only to discover he is not the man they were interested in, but someone else with the same foul presence.

Serpent's Egg Inn

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