Velos, the Jewel of the Golden Wastes, stands at a great oasis in the heart of the desert. Home to around 50,000 inhabitants, it is a crucial trade link in the desert, connecting the Empire to other lands of men as well as serving as a convenient trading spot with the civilized desert saurians. It is home to several chapterhouses of the Immortals, notably Rudren, Pukan, Thiasus, and Chandra.
The irrigated fields grow plants like dates, figs, olives, and apricots. The most important plant in an oasis is the date palm which forms the upper layer. These palm trees provide shade for smaller trees like peach trees, which form the middle layer. By growing plants in different layers, the farmers make best use of the soil and water. Many vegetables are also grown and some cereals, such as wheat, barley and millet are also grown.

Also nearby are the great salt mines which provide much needed nutrition to men living elsewhere in the desert. The basis of Velos’ prosperity is the great desert trade routes. Much of the trade is based on bedouin tribes bringing in ivory, slaves, gold, kola nuts, and other jungle spices.

There is no trial by jury in the city. All trials are conducted by judges who act as chief investigator, although anyone may come forward to provide evidence. While awaiting trial, suspects are kept in gaol or house arrest depending on social class. There are no prisons, and guilty sentences involve either paid compensation, indentured servitude, forced labor, dismembering, or death. Anyone guilty of the crimes of sorcery or being undead are burned to death.

Sites of Interest

Aten House

Brass Gate

Crocodile Grove

Cyclops Tower

Cypress Lane

Dervish Zaouia


Genie’s Lamp Tavern

Great Obelisk



Lizard Nest

Lodge of the Imperial Wardens

Medical Hostel

Mercury Lane


Sages Hall

Sable Citadel

Serpent’s Egg Inn


Street of Dreams




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