Human Ranger, Mentor to Samedi


Jaghuur is one of the rangers of the wastes. Trained in the ancient arts of the first men after the Ancient Sea Kings, he assists many heedless nomads and travelers from the evils of the deserts. Like many rangers, he is a hermit and loner, yet he often visits Velos. During those times when he is in the city, he can be found at the Toad & Stone Inn. He has few friends except for Captain Ningali of the Imperial Wardens. Jaghuur always updates him on any strange goings in the Golden Wastes.

One evening, when Samedi had returned from a long expedition outside Velos and told fanciful stories of his adventures. Always eager to hear new tales, most of the tavern’s patrons accepted it uncritically, but Jaghuur sardonically questioned him throughout the story to mock his tall tales. However, it seemed that the young Prodigian had actually been through all the perils he had explained.

Intrigued, Jaghuur warmed to the man and after buying him some wine, discussed his encounters furthered and learned more about his companions. Jaghuur scoffed at the Calibani guide, Kasib, saying Samedi shouldn’t trust the despicable desert runts as they will not hesitate to slit his throat and leave his bones to bleach in the desert sun if it suited them. The two struck up a friendship, and Jaghuur offerred to teach Samedi a few things about surviving in the wastes – the secret lore of the rangers.

Therefore, despite the heat of the summer, Jaghuur took Samedi back out into the wastes tot each him how to survive the perils of the desert. Jaghuur explained that the secret lore the rangers learn is important for man’s survival in this hostile world, and that he should always honor and respect those who passed the lore down to Jaghuur and thus to Samedi. It was an brotherhood of honor that treated all men’s lives as equally important. The ancient lore was a treasure greater than gold because it could keep men alive when all the finery, glamor, and pride of the city folk meant nought.

Jaghuur is a companion and guide to Tamizen, a cleric of Rudren and his small band of followers, Zourah the Snake Charmer and Orabi, a noted bedouin warrior. Jaghuur is always surrounded by his pack of painted desert dogs.


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