Veteran paladin of the desert


A native of the Golden Wastes, Tambul is well known in Velos and the desert as a defender of the innocent and scourge of bandits. As the elder paladin in the region, Tambul has taken responsibility for organizing local meetings of other paladins, sharing rumors, and strengthening the brotherhood between all who follow the Unconquered Sun.

The player characters met Tambul when they ran across some bandits ambushing him. After helping him fend them off, Tambul embraced his fellow paladin Akbar as a new friend and told him to seek the house of Aten once in Velos.

Tambul gained additional renown when he lead the successful attack against the so called “zombie master” who was assembling a horde of zombies to the south of Velos. Zombies had become a problem since the strange sandstorm a year earlier that caused the dead to rise among other horrors.


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