Minor Noble Houses

The city state of Velos is a small community, isolated from any other polity for around 300 miles in any direction. It consists of the city itself, the surrounding oasis with its farmland, and the various desert bedouin tribes whose loyalty to the Overlords of Velos changes with the desert wind.

There are about 50 distinct noble Houses, although each House may consist of several households. Maybe over 200 families can claim membership in the Armiger caste. These families range from minor families farming their own land, prestigious bedouin clans, prosperous aristocrats with many tenured farms, and finally the largest magnates.

Only three noble Houses dominate the politics of the city – the Idrisid, Usufru, and Gerami. Only these families would be considered to be equivalent of the Exultants of the Empire. All other noble families support one of these three large noble factions making three political factions within the nobility (other factions exist such as the Sable Brotherhood, the various clergy, and of course the Overlord). The most important of these minor nobles are the Masoko and Naqada, in the coming years they may become important families in their own right, or fall back into obscurity.

However, the vast majority of the other nobility are known for little else other than being of Armiger status. In the long history of Velos, some might have been great families, far more powerful than they are now. It is not necessary to detail each one’s name, although some will come up during game time. Whether any is important or not is unknown. As more noble families are introduced, the below list will serve to keep track of them. If any should become important to the campaign, that house may receive an entry of its own.



Minor Noble Houses

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